Account Bulk Purchase Program (BULK)


Why let someone else tell you who to sell and who to let walk? Make more money by making those good underwriting decisions yourself, aging the notes and then selling them later to make all the money!

Are you looking to sell some or all of your BH/PH receivables? We serve dealers in 46 states and can purchase any size portfolio of BH/PH receivables. With only a small amount of information, we can provide a proposal for all or part of your receivables usually within the same business day. You can feel confident knowing that we will treat your customers with friendly service and professionalism.

We make it easy on you with these simple program guidelines:

  • Preferred 90 days of aging
  • Preferred remaining terms of 24 months or less
  • Accounts with accurate contact information and pay histories
  • Get Rid of the vehicle aging line
  • YOU decide which customers to place in the portfolio
  • CAR can fund conforming lease contracts for approved dealers
    • Dealer retains residual value on leases
  • CAR provides all servicing, reporting, and complies with Federal and State requirements

Advantages to You:

  • Inject capital into your dealership for expansion or to increase inventory
  • Reduce capital exposure on outstanding debt
  • Reduce servicing overhead costs—We do the collections for you
  • Enhance operating efficiency
  • Concentrate on SALES so you SELL MORE CARS
  • Help re-establish your customer's credit
  • We can process weekly, biweekly, semi-monthly or monthly payments
  • If a customer defaults, you may have the opportunity to get YOUR cars back by managing your reserve

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