Aged Pay Share Purchase Program

What are you waiting for?

Our Payment Sharing product is truly Buy Here - Pay Here in a can! If you are not already taking advantage of the BHPH market, now could be the time!

Our Aged Pay Share (APS) program allows dealers with aged receivables to generate an upfront infusion of capital without giving up all of their monthly cash flow needed for operations. As the portfolio continues to perform, dealers using APS will continue to receive their portion of customer collected payments.

Building a BHPH portfolio takes capital. APS allows dealers to add additional growth without going beyond their internal capital limitations. Additionally, CAR’s collection expertise and payment options give the customer even more effective ways to pay. CAR’s renowned dealer service expertise and relationship management keeps dealers engaged and informed for the life of the portfolio.

How do I get started?

  • Contact your local CAR Financial Representative for an appointment
  • Complete and submit a Dealer Information Profile for qualification
  • Begin submitting accounts for funding
  • The entire process takes only a couple of business days.

The entire process takes only a couple of business days.

CAR's Pay Share product is designed to:

  • Provide upfront capital for aged receivables while still
  • providing regular cash flow from qualifying monthly customer payments
  • Help dealers earn more by sharing in the ongoing customer payments
  • Help return the customer back to the dealer for repeat sales through our discounted trade-in benefit program
  • Grow your business by using CAR’s capital!

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