Account Servicing Program


Use us to collect more of your portfolio. We offer scale, efficiency and expertise at all levels of servicing designed to allow you to IMPROVE YOUR CASH FLOW!
Payment processing and account servicing is available to independent auto dealers like you. You will significantly reduce or even eliminate the need for collection and servicing resources while watching your cash flow increase! This is all due to proactive account management and customer follow-up.
Unlike many companies in the market today, CAR is positioned to service any size portfolio. And, we charge ONLY for the accounts processed and payments received.

Compare the cost of performing these services internally versus outsourcing and you'll find that using the experts at CAR is the right choice.

Advantages to You:

  • You focus on SALES while we focus on servicing
  • We efficiently handle routine servicing without an in-house department
  • We can process biweekly, semi-monthly and monthly payments
  • Ability to service from point of sale or the middle of the contract
  • We provide an accurate report of payments received each week
  • We forward payments to your dealership on a weekly basis
  • A pay-for-performance pricing structure
  • We have the ability to document auto insurance records and SID’s
  • We can handle any size portfolio

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