Portfolio Servicing Program

Why CAR Financial Services?

The CAR Portfolio Servicing Program provides payment processing and account servicing for third-party companies who have acquired non- or sub-prime auto receivables. This eliminates your need for interim servicing resources and gives you a significant increase in cash flow due to simplified account transfers and proactive account management.


Without timely follow-up and collection activity, your portfolio’s “street” or market value decreases significantly. Unfortunately, any time delay created during the service company selection process only further devalues the portfolio through increased delinquency and bad debt.

To eliminate this problem, CAR has simplified the account transfer process. Under the typical account servicing agreement, CAR acquires, loads, prepares customer notifications and begins servicing the accounts usually within 2-3 business days. The long-term savings generated through this abbreviated, proactive transition process are substantial.

As always, the servicing fee will be applied only to the amount collected. Our “pay for performance” pricing will help to reduce portfolio delinquency and increases cash flow from the portfolio.

Advantages to You:

  • We handle routine monthly, semi-monthly, weekly or bi-weekly payment processing and collections
  • We reduce or eliminate your collection department expenses
  • We provide weekly disbursements of proceeds collected along with a detailed report of payments received
  • We charge only on what is collected
  • We document auto insurance records
  • We service any size accounts and maturities and are on line with most SID providers

Program Benefits:

  • Increase cash flow from portfolio
  • Retain accurate account records
  • Provide a fast transfer so that delinquencies and bad debt are reduced
  • Experienced servicing staff and seasoned collection resources

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