Securitized and Backup Servicing

Leverage our Servicing Expertise for your Secured Assets

CAR financial Services has the ability to act as both the backup and primary Servicer for assets that are pledged to a third party investor(s) (securitized). Our detailed reporting capabilities allow for the reconciliation of cash to occur on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. CAR maintains a staff of industry professionals who can expedite the conversion of a portfolio from the existing servicer such that the value of your assets are maintained. CAR can manage all industry payment intervals, and can provide a turnkey solution to your servicing needs, including bankruptcy, repossession, disposition, and post asset charge off recovery.

Compare our Capabilities to other Servicers:

  • Over 20 years expertise in servicing assets owned by dealers and finance companies
  • Dedicated to Sub-prime and BH/PH assets and the nuisances in these asset classes
  • In house bankruptcy and repossession services managed by a team of experts
  • Detailed reporting including ad-hoc reports as requested by our customers
  • Daily cash disbursement capability
  • Compliance oversight for adherence to applicable regulatory requirements
  • Electronic data transfer capability for back-up data validation and certification
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